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  • Clément Le Coz

2nd week in Paris

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Two weeks in Paris. And… we are still looking for a flat. But lady Cósima is very happy and smiles literally all day long! Nights are a little more complicated. In the meantime, my step brother got married at @bistrolecarreau , a typical Parisian bistro where we had wine, bread and cheese. We also discovered new spots, bumped into old friends and got lost into haberdasheries. We had a coffee at @bruleriedevarenne , an Italian lunch at #da_rocco rue de Grenelle and almost had tea at @grandcafetortoni Paris; but we spent too much time studying the outstanding fragrances from @officine_universelle_buly . I introduced @lesenfantsdumarche to Justina where we had bio lunch. Finally, we got inspired at the musée Yves Saint Laurent @museeyslparis . I highly recommend the exhibit.

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