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3rd week in Paris.

It is our third week in town … and we finally got an apartment! One block away from the Jardins du Luxembourg, a godsend! Special thanks...

2nd week in Paris

Two weeks in Paris. And… we are still looking for a flat. But lady Cósima is very happy and smiles literally all day long! Nights are a...

1st week in Paris.

We arrived a week ago in Paris. We are still looking for a flat. In the meantime, we gazed at the Eiffel Tower, we had a coffee at...

Where to buy 100% made in Argentina

Facon: craftsmanships objects from the Northern regions Bolazo: argentine dresses and tops La casa de las botas: horse riding boots...

Where to buy Vintage in Buenos Aires

Juan Perez Bimba Vintage El almacen de Lulu Galpon de Ropa Verga Hermanos Breuer Moreno Ejercito de Salvación La Iglesia del Socorro

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